Professional Service Agreement Yale

11 april 2021

This procedure describes the process of involving external service providers at Yale University. Topics include: when a professional service and advisory agreement (PSCA) is required, tenders, determining whether a person is a contractor or an independent collaborator, the role of purchasing services, the necessary documentation and the signing authority. The fees charged to the service provider must be reasonable for the services provided and the service provider`s qualifications. The selection of service providers must be selected in accordance with the university`s tendering and selection procedure, in accordance with the university`s General Directive 3201. All Professional Services and Advisory Agreements (PSCA) must be approved by an accredited university officer within the meaning of Section 3210.3 before work begins. The Vice-President for Finance and the CFO and the Corporation`s Audit Committee are responsible for maintaining external auditors who conduct examinations of the university or its specific subdivisions. Any department wishing to hire the same external accountant for other services must first obtain the approval of the Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer and the Corporation`s Audit Committee. Environmental, work and other health and safety services are subject to agreements that must be approved by the Office of Health and Environmental Safety. Only the Department of Institutions (Central or School of Medicine) has the right to acquire and manage architectural, contractual, technical and other services for construction, renovation, maintenance and transformation projects. Departments and schools must enter into a contract directly with the department of schools for this type of service. If the university`s purchasing guide does not identify preferred suppliers who can provide the required good or service, please refer to Section 3201.3 of General Directive 3201 on Supplier Selection. If necessary, contact the purchasing service for help.

A financial support agreement as part of a sponsored company award (also called ”Grantee”) to an organization qualified to carry out a substantial part of the programmatic effort under the sponsored award. A sub-premium is not used for the purchase of goods and services acquired as part of a premium, as the suppliers of these goods and services do not have programmatic responsibility. Entities that receive a subaward are called ”sub-receivers.” External consultants and/or professional service providers are individuals or organizations that provide professional advice and other services to the university for a contractual fee. We collectively call these individuals and organizations ”advisers.”

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