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11 april 2021

Transaction services available on this site can use cookies to track business processes. Please read the privacy and security statement of the service concerned before starting a transaction. Information on the types of personal data contained in the department can be found in our Data Protection Guide (PDF, 232.8KB). For information about your rights under the Information Privacy Act 2009, you can access a document containing personal data and the process of filing a data protection complaint, send an email to privacy@des.qld.gov.au. A person may not be able to reach an agreement. Factors such as age or physical or mental disability may prevent the individual from understanding or retaining the general nature and effect of consent. An agency must ensure that the individual has the necessary ability to understand what is being asked of them before they can rely on their consent. In addition, an agency should not seek a broader agreement that is necessary for its purposes. It must have a clear understanding of what it has to do with personal data and formulate the agreement accordingly. Whether a person has given his tacit consent is an objective test that must be determined by a reasonable conclusion of the individual`s actions. The Agency must judge what a person`s action means. Bad decisions can result in serious invasions of privacy and, when a complaint is filed, the Agency is required to prove the tacit agreement. A data breach occurs when one or more of the data protection principles set out in the IP act are not respected.

If the Ministry of Finance identifies a privacy violation, we will manage it: Keys data privacy principles explain the important words and phrases used in the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Ip Act). They are intended to assist in the interpretation and application of data protection principles in IP Law. Data protection complaints about planning and infrastructure are handled by the Ministry of State Development, Tourism and Innovation. For more information on filing a complaint with the ministry, click here. For an agreement to be valid, the Agency must provide the person with sufficient information to understand that, in the course of the investigation, it may be necessary to disclose the nature of your data protection complaint and your identity with respect to relevant activities within the Ministry of Finance and third parties. You can tell us that you do not want the Department of Finance to do that, but it may mean that the Department of Finance cannot properly review and resolve the data protection complaint. Individuals who are concerned that their privacy has not been processed in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 can file a written complaint with the service. The complaint should detail as much as possible the basis of the complaint and contain an address to which communications and correspondence can be sent during the complaint process. Data protection complaints should be sent to the following information: Our service is committed to protecting the privacy of users. The agreement is a voluntary agreement between an agency and an individual.

The Agency asks the person to allow him to process his personal data in a certain way and the person is free to grant or withhold that agreement. Consent may be requested at the first collection of information, but must be kept separate from the collection notification. In many situations where an agency collects personal data, the person has no real choice but to refuse to provide the information. You can file a data protection complaint if you feel that the Ministry of Finance has breached its obligations under the IP Law to comply with data protection principles. If you are concerned about our handling of your personal data, you can email your complaint to privacy@treasury.qld.gov.au or mail to: To decide if an agreement is free, an agency should consider: Queensland Health`s

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