Service Level Agreement Hardware

12 april 2021

Before selecting the right ALS, you must first determine the level of criticism of your installed base. SLA should keep track of your business. More information about our standard maintenance and service process can be found at SLA ITS and campus. You will find standard methods to contact STI on ITS and Campus SLA for service. The response time for first contacts to incidents and service requests, including response times for standard desktop support, is published on the ITS Service -System Metrics website. As your business expands, the need for great availability and dedicated support increases. As a host, we understand the growing requirements and try to keep you informed of the services designed to meet them. Sometimes servers and routine maintenance and upgrade systems need to be closed to make sure your site is operating optimally. However, we strive to minimize these service interruptions and, if possible, to inform you in advance of the planned maintenance work. The planned service outages do not qualify for this warranty! The customer has the option to purchase the Service Level Agreement (SLA) service, which covers the exchange of important computer equipment from DemNBD (the next business day). We guarantee the function of dedicated servers and their components. We replace any unusual components at no cost to the customer as long as the account is in good condition. The exchange of material begins as soon as we determine the cause of the problem.

The exchange of equipment is guaranteed within 2 hours of the problems being detected. This 2-hour warranty does not include additional actions such as software installations, operating system relocations, or other data or backup services. In case we need more than 2 hours to replace the defective equipment, we will refund the customer 10x (1000%) 100% of the customer`s monthly fee is waived until their monthly fee. This means that if we could not replace the hardware for 4 hours for a strange reason, and then the installation of operating systems and software began, which could take hours more, we went two hours beyond the time of hardware replacement. We write to you 2 hours x 10, 20 hours of service. We wouldn`t be the time it takes to reinstall the software, because each system has unique requirements and this is a hardware ALS not a software ALS. In this case, we share your monthly payment by the days of the month divided by 24 hours a day to find an hourly rate. This amount will be credited to your account for your next bill.

In addition to basic ALS benefits, you can use additional services by securing your server with one of our advanced SLAs. We guarantee that the network will be 100% available in a given month (this does not include the functionality of software/services on a server), except for the planned maintenance. Network operating time includes the function of all network infrastructures, including routers, switches and wiring, but no services, daemons, software run on your server, or hardware errors on a server. The network`s operating time means that the network itself is available. In situations where a client runs a cluster or redundant server, they can use the 100% work time guarantee by eliminating a single error point in the hardware. Choosing the Appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA) for your equipment, which is part of a global warranty service contract, is essential to ensure that interference in your business is minimized. Customers benefit from a wide range of flexible SLAs that meet their business needs, from 24×7 guaranteed fix covers in 4 hours to a reaction the next business day. Some services have options with specific software costs: the parts guaranteed to the site within the requested deadlines in accordance with the warranty agreement. No engineers will arrive on site. To promote standardization and compatibility with commercial systems and services on campus, ITS publishes recommendations for the purchase of Dell and Apple computers, monitors and printers.

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