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7 oktober 2021

Nigel Blundell, a construction law expert at Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind, said the reforms announced by Network Rail would help ”create additional sources of funding” for the railways if the company had been limited by cuts in public funding. Hermes VPN has supported international rail connectivity for over 25 years. Initially based on an X.25 network and currently on an MPLS-based virtual IP network. The supply of lines is subcontracted to BT Global Services. The Hermès network has continued to evolve to always offer its customers the advantages of the well-established technologies of the moment. ”As a public company, this presents some challenges, but by freeing up private funds, we may be able to get rail improvements that would not be possible otherwise,” he said. In addition to operating the Hermès VPN, Hit Rail also supports the coordination between its members of all the technical specifications for network usage, including the IP addressing scheme and the TCP/IP protocols used for each application. It offers a superior range of other technical specifications that support e-business among Hermès partners. We do not endorse these consolidated agreements, they are only made available by Network Rail for reference purposes in order to give an overview of the current contractual conditions. Detailed guidelines regarding the Asset Protection Agreement and the Basic Heritage Protection Agreements are being drafted and will soon be available The body responsible for coordinating all specifications and activities related to Hermes is the GPH: Hermes Project Group, a forum bringing together representatives of all related partners for regular meetings organized by the partners themselves.

The GPH meets two to three times a year and is open to all customers. It shall also examine where it can introduce flexibility in railway standards in order to encourage innovation and reduce costs without affecting the safety of contractors or passengers, in response to the concerns expressed during the review, that standards are being used ”inappropriately” to increase costs. This will be done through its ongoing revision of guidelines and standards, which is due to be completed by March 2018, as well as the ability for suppliers to ”proactively challenge” standards that result in higher costs with no comparable benefit, especially in the early stages of a project. The public rail infrastructure manager will start publishing regular ”pipelines” from the Anglia road to its other lines by the end of the year. It also intends to standardize its approach to asset protection (ASPRO) across the nine routes and appoint a number of ”project champions” working side-by-side with third-party developers and investors to ensure their projects are successful. HIT Rail (or Hermès network provider as part of its contractual commitment to HIT Rail) provides the HERMES VPN service to HERMES VPN customers according to the agreed service levels. In December 2016, Network Rail commissioned former Chief Government Adviser Professor Peter Hansford to report on how to encourage competition in rail projects and attract more private funding for UK railways. Its report, which has just been published, gave Network Rail 12 recommendations, including the fact that it offers third parties a ”clear vision” of investment opportunities and develops clear service level agreements for third-party partners. Railway infrastructure remains an area of investment and growth….

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