Tenancy Agreement Special Clauses

10 oktober 2021

A lease is a good idea if you want to make sure your tenant is reliable or if you are renting a room in a house where you live. It is easier to terminate a monthly lease than a long lease. If you start disputing clauses in a lease agreement, you`re essentially opening a negotiation. In particular, many rental agents only expect you to sign their pro forma lease and ignore clauses that do not apply to you. They may have paid a one-time fee to a lawyer to have the document created and do not want to change it at their own expense. So if there are clauses that you`re not sure about, the best approach is not to question everything. Don`t sweat the little things, but rather talk about a problem if it`s a serious problem for you to comply with it. Be reasonable, explain why you need the change, show how it doesn`t really have a negative impact on the owner, and then get into a reasonable discussion. If the clause is found to be unfair, it is not legally binding and enforcement measures can be taken to prevent an owner from using it. A landlord does not have the legal right to own a key, but if you want to make sure you have one in an emergency or want to enter the property for repairs (with notice and agreement from the tenant), you can add this as a clause. If there is no prior clause in the agreement stating that a landlord can have a set of keys, you cannot force the tenant to provide one.

If your landlord has agreed to keep a pet or pet in the accommodation, you should have included a pet clause in the special terms of the rental agreement. The lessor agrees that the tenant may extend the rental agreement for a further period of one year, from if the tenant informs the owner or the owner`s agent at least sixty days in writing. . . .

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