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14 oktober 2021

There is no real way to deal with all 4 debts at once and get them to accept the same offer, except through formal debt resolution like bankruptcy. And at this point, you don`t want that on your credit report – the time for an IVA was 2012, but over the years you`re less likely to hear from someone, but that can`t be ruled out. But even if you hear about the new creditor, they may not have the correspondence you had with Capital Recoveries, so in practice the prescribed period can start from 2010. Recently, I was advised to contact previous creditors with a Proof of Debt and Mental Health (DMHEF) form as I was and am in poor mental health during this time and as I am. Anyway, my letter with DHMEF was called ”Undeliverable: Gone Away. No longer lives. So I decided to dig something and I see that capital recoveries are no longer and one or the other is GE Money. It looks like GE sold its debt in 2015 and I haven`t heard a word about it from them or their new debt owners. They had my correct contact details, as confirmed by the previous letters, and since it has been almost 3 years since GE Money left the UK, I wonder how long they themselves or the new owners of the debt had to/should contact me with a notification of the debt transfer and the corresponding communication details? What should be in a VAC agreement depends on the type of loan. If it is a simple loan, the amount borrowed as well as the amount and number of repayments must be indicated. .

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